Powder Coating & Stove Enamelling from Morley Brothers

If you are require powder coating in Cambridgeshire, look no further than Morley Brothers Ltd. Our team are highly experienced and skilled, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when you choose us. All of our previous clients recommend our services highly due to the care and attention we pay to each and every one.

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Powder Coating/Stove Enamelling is one of the most effective, high-quality, long-lasting industrial finishing solutions available today, providing protection against all types of coarse environment, dramatically reducing risk of scratches, corrosion and fading from rough, everyday usage. It maintains an attractive and strong aesthetic coating, similar to that of liquid paints, but with increased durability. With its efficient application making its environmental compliance simplistic as well, there’s little wonder powder coating such a popular choice for both commercial and domestic requirements all over the world.

Why Choose Morley Brothers Powder Coating & Stove Enamelling

Here at Morley Brothers, we’re proud to be able to bring a truly extensive powder coating service to all our clients in and around Cambridgeshire. Established for more than 17 years, our family run business has always put emphasis on meticulously accurate, top quality workmanship, and a dedicated, tailored approach to customer care. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to all your needs and requirements, our complete transparency and our commitment to providing only the best quality powder coating available. If you’re looking for the best, stop. We at Morley Brothers are the answer.

A Comprehensive Cambridgeshire Finishing Service

With all members of staff highly trained, powder coating experts, no matter what you need to know, an answer is only ever a phone call away. We’re more than happy to provide reliable help and advice, so why not give our team a call today to discuss your circumstances, and a solution. The number to call is 01223 423048, or alternatively, head to our Contact Us page!