Contaminant removal

To ensure the best possible paint finishes for our customers, our pre-treatment process is an essential part of all paint applications that we complete. Pre-treatment inhibits future corrosion and enhances paint adhesion.

This process ensures the complete removal of all kinds of contaminants from the surface of the material.

We use a number of methods to remove contaminants including degreasing, abrasive blasting and sanding.

Chemical pre-treatments

Our team will advise you on the most suitable chemical pre-treatment for your project. These include zinc phosphate, zirconium and zinc chromate depending on the material and requirements you have.

Our pre-treatment systems are designed to remove dirt, oil and grease from the metal in preparation for powder coating and paint spraying.

We can pre-treat a wide range of metals from mild steel to aluminium and galvanised steel.

Why choose Morley Brothers?

Established in 1994, our family run business has always put an emphasis on combining top quality workmanship with a dedicated, tailored approach to customer care.

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to all your needs and requirements and provide you with the best quality coating services available.

All members of staff are highly trained and we can give you advice on the best coating for your project. Give our team a call today to discuss your requirements and hear how we can help you.

  • Wet paint spraying – high quality finishes and exact colour matches on a wide range of materials.
  • Powder coating – industrial grade powder coating finishes giving high quality, long-lasting protection.
  • Blast cleaning – an effective pre-treatment cleaning process for the removal of scale, rust and paint.
  • Vapour degreasing – a simple, fast and effective way to clean large items using vapour instead of chemicals.
  • Pre-treatments – ensures the complete removal of all kinds of contaminants from the surface of the material.